About Bernie’s Beach Bar

Premier Beach-front Venue

Hampton Beach is pretty spectacular when viewed from our beach bar

This Hampton beach bar has a rustic and beachy appearance. Bernie’s is about as laid back as it gets. You will find there is a large deck with a bar and lots of tables and chairs. Bernie’s also has an inside bar area for those who like air conditioning and shade.

Bernie’s is always packed with fun loving and happy people. There is always a band playing, and these bands never disappoint. The wait staff is always efficient and have a sense of humor.

During the day, the bands play outside on the beach side deck. Bernie’s is known for having some the best local area bands

Fleury said his bars have been successful because of their proximity to each other as well as their diversity.

“You can hop around. Nobody wants to spend five hours at one place and sit at a bar stool,” Fleury said. “We show people a really vast array of a good time.”

Fleury also said the addition will make room for more large-table reservations, something he said vacationers with big families look forward to when they visit Hampton Beach. He plans to have Bernie’s serve breakfast this year as well.

Bernie’s Highlights

  • Great food, drink, ice cold beer and a full liquor bar in a casual and friendly atmosphere.
  • Outdoor patio dining.
  • Food served everyday 11 AM – 11 PM, including hamburgers, wings, salads, and MUCH more. Check out our menu.
  • Free Wireless Internet Access.
  • All the Major Sports Packages, so come see that game and bring all your friends.
Hampton Beach, NH

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